Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogging Austin Texas

I'm in Austin for about 24 hours. It is fun to be back. I had dinner tonight at a steak house called III Forks. The food was great. The service was great. The sales pitches were probably more aggressive than what I've experienced in other restaurants. Our waiter pitched pretty hard. For the most part we said no and avoided the expensive items.

We drank Zinfendel and Pinot Noir wine. It reminded me of something I read this week that said diners never order the cheapest bottle or glass of wine on a menu. People just don't want to look that cheap. So, most people order the second most expensive wine on the menu. What this article said is that as a result, most restaurants take a cheaper bottle of wine and make it the second most expensive. The article recommended going for the cheap glass or bottle.

I'm staying at the hotel San Jose. It is a funky, hip fun hotel in the SoCo district. I picked it because it is right across the street from the Continental Club and I liked the idea of having a beer and seeing some live music before I go to bed and there are few spots better in the world for live music than the Continental Club.

Tomorrow it's breakfast with friends, a work meeting, a quick drive past the old house and then a short flight home to Lone Tree.

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