Friday, September 28, 2007

Something nice to say about the Bush Administration

Those of you who have perused previous posts clearly understand that I'm not a big fan of the policies of the current administration. And while the nominee for Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, may have some scary ideas about executive power, he did offer up the following opinion which in my mind makes him at least interesting.

Seems one beer maker was running an ad criticizing Coors for making beer that sucks. Coors filed suit in an effort to try to get the ad campaign stopped. (As an aside, I wonder if Coors supports so-called tort reform efforts because there are too many frivolous lawsuits. Seriously, if all those companies and individuals that support tort reform would stop filing silly suits they probably wouldn't have any reason to want tort reform in the first place.) But let's get back to the case at hand. Coors is feeling bad because they've been criticized in an ad campaign by a rival, they sue to stop the campaign.

Judge Michael Mukasey tosses out the suit by saying, according to the New York Times,

"De gustibus cerevesiae non scit lex"

I don't know Latin but the Times translated the phrase this way,

"…the law takes no account of taste in weak beer."

Finally, someone in the Bush administration takes a stand I can believe in.

I'll enjoy it while I can.


  1. Carter complimenting the current administration? For ANYTHING?

    Hell hath frozen over.


  3. Oh boy. At least I'm not alone. I was afraid to admit it. Thanks, C!